LWB news - July 2013

Thanks to everyone who came to the Heartland show on the 28th. We had a blast. 

The next day we recorded two songs w/ Alex Kostelnik for a future 7": "Stuck Inside Port Townsend (with a Pete Townshend solo lp)" and "Man Vacation". It's going to be a winner. 

The long awaited K 7" (IPU 142) is coming out in October. This is the one that has a cover of the Courtney Love (Lois Maffeo + Pat Maley) song "The Second Most Beautiful Girl in the World."

There is another cassette on the horizon (fall or winter) and Karl's been promising (threatening?) to do a KLAPS issue of LWB boom box and karaoke machine recordings.

The next LWB show is Helsing Junction. We'll be playing on Saturday.

Until next time, this is your old friend Allen Peril saying "keep the tub at 104 degrees."