She Still Wants A Baby

LWB - 001 "She Wants A Baby" b/w "Sadder Days"

$5.50 postage paid in the USA. It comes w/ a band camp download code.

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LWB news - September 2013

Hey there!
The long awaited K 7" is now out. It is Volume CXLII of the International Pop Underground. It's a 4 song ep affair and is very much in tribute to those over stuffed 7" eps of the early 90s. This is the one w/ our Lois Maffeo cover that some people have been asking about.

The artwork was by Benjamin Parrish. He also made a very cool sleeve for our pre-order bonus that's a tribute to the 90s K newsletter. Check out his tumblr here.

Here is some video footage of our performance at Helsing Junction this year.

We have two shows coming up in Portland.
On Friday the 13th we're playing at the Abbey in Portland w/ SiLM and Brumes. This will be all-ages.
And the next day we're playing the Habesha Ethiopian Restaurant and Bar w/ SiLM again as well as Memory Boys and Blind Love Joy. This will be a 21 & up show.

LWB news - July 2013

Thanks to everyone who came to the Heartland show on the 28th. We had a blast. 

The next day we recorded two songs w/ Alex Kostelnik for a future 7": "Stuck Inside Port Townsend (with a Pete Townshend solo lp)" and "Man Vacation". It's going to be a winner. 

The long awaited K 7" (IPU 142) is coming out in October. This is the one that has a cover of the Courtney Love (Lois Maffeo + Pat Maley) song "The Second Most Beautiful Girl in the World."

There is another cassette on the horizon (fall or winter) and Karl's been promising (threatening?) to do a KLAPS issue of LWB boom box and karaoke machine recordings.

The next LWB show is Helsing Junction. We'll be playing on Saturday.

Until next time, this is your old friend Allen Peril saying "keep the tub at 104 degrees."

"She Wants A Baby" b/w "Sadder Days" 45 available now

Lovers Without Borders
"She Wants a Baby" b/w "Sadder Days"


Finally, it's here. Side A is a step inside the animal kingdom. Side B is our ode to the drive  from Anacortes to Edison. Both songs were produced by the affable Alex Kostelnik at Seven Hills. A download code is included.

$7.00 postage paid in the USA.

The international shipping prices are crazy.

Crazed MP3 fans can purchase downloads at bandcamp.

K is carrying some copies in their mail order store that can be found here.

Below is our commercial for the Norwegian market. We hope you enjoy it.

LWB at the Business in Anacortes on Wednesday May 1st

We'll be playing the 35th anniversary event for the Business, at the Business, on Wednesday May 1st. It starts at 5 pm. Ever Ending Kicks will be playing as well.

We'll have copies of the 7" for sale. Online sales will probably start next week.

The cool youth ministers come to Heartland.

Thanks to Geoff for doing the top pic. And for doing sound.

We're putting on a show!

@ 8 PM

at HEARTLAND in Seattle, WA

all-ages are welcome


November 10th, 2012

We recorded two songs today with Alex Kostelnik. Here we are taking a break from the studio in his hot tub. Thanks to everyone who came to the show at 20/20 Cycle last night.

The cassette is now gone for good. There's still a K IPU 7" on the horizon. In the spirit of late 80s/early 90s K we demanded that it be be delayed for a year. They were happy to oblige! We have a second four song ep that we're putting out ourselves. It also has a firm release date for sometime next year. It's going to have Athena From Bow, Knock on my Door, Dentist and Rio Grande.

Jess's other band, The Daffodils, is recording an album on Orcas Island. Karl's gone solo and is working on a grunge tribute to west coast women songwriters. Allen thinks one band is enough for him.