LWB news - September 2013

Hey there!
The long awaited K 7" is now out. It is Volume CXLII of the International Pop Underground. It's a 4 song ep affair and is very much in tribute to those over stuffed 7" eps of the early 90s. This is the one w/ our Lois Maffeo cover that some people have been asking about.

The artwork was by Benjamin Parrish. He also made a very cool sleeve for our pre-order bonus that's a tribute to the 90s K newsletter. Check out his tumblr here.

Here is some video footage of our performance at Helsing Junction this year.

We have two shows coming up in Portland.
On Friday the 13th we're playing at the Abbey in Portland w/ SiLM and Brumes. This will be all-ages.
And the next day we're playing the Habesha Ethiopian Restaurant and Bar w/ SiLM again as well as Memory Boys and Blind Love Joy. This will be a 21 & up show.